Ls Valley Cover Torque Specs

Ls Valley Cover Torque Specs. 25 nm 18 lb ft. Bell housing to engine block.

LS Classic Install
LS Classic Install from

The number 1 piston is at the compression stroke when the number 6 cylinder inlet and exhaust valves are rocking, that is when the exhaust valve is at the end of its upward travel while the. Converter housing to case screw : Detent spring to valve body bolt:

Bell Housing To Engine Block.

08 pressure (closed) = 340 n @ 45. All blind holes must be cleaned and blown out before assembly. Fuel injection fuel rail bolts:

All Torque Specifications W/ Cmd #3 High Pressure Lube 7/16 = 65 Ft Lbs 3/8 = 45 Ft Lbs 8Mm = 22 Ft Lbs Weight:

Whenever you are looking to build your own ls swap or frankenstein ls heads and block combination, you will need the factory ls1 torque specifications to assemble your block correctly. All blind holes must be cleaned and blown out before assembly. If you use arp fasteners, follow the instructions that came with your new hardware.

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Finish off your ls valley pan cover installation with flange bolts from ict billet. Intake manifold bolts (in sequence) 89 lb in: 227 lbs w/ main caps

Ive Got Access To Ls Engine Torque Spec Books.

Ict billet ls valley pan cover flange bolts are full sets of valley cover to engine block bolts for ls series engines. If you don't have an inch pounds. Torque specs for ls1 motors.

Factory Ls Cover And Front Seal 2005 W/ Cam Sensor Provision Torque Specs:

Specification metric english • second pass 35y 26lbft • third pass 55y 41lbft • final pass 70y 52lbft connecting bearing cap to connecting rod retaining bolt (l98, ls3, l76, l77) • first pass 20y 15lbft • second pass +85degrees coolant air bleed pipe and hole cover to cylinder head retaining bolt 12y 106lbin coolant temperature sensor 20y 15lbft I found in the repair manual the order in which to tighten the valve cover bolts, but can't find the recommended torque. Once all 10 intake manifold bolts are hand threaded as far as they'll go, tighten them down with a wrench and then torque in the order shown in the picture on the left.

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